Senior executive with experience in diverse industries. Background in general management with strong P&L responsibility—emphasis in marketing, manufacturing, finance and international business. Operational experience is complemented by a broad technical knowledge, including 2 patents. An effective, innovative problem-solver.  Blue Chip Enterprise Award winner.




Special expertise in:

Profitability Enhancement Joint Ventures Strategic Planning International Business Development





PROGENESIS TECHNOLOGIES, LLC – South Charleston, WV                                                                      2009 – Present

                                    Developer of genetically engineered biopolymers

            President & COO  (2009 – Present)

                          Responsible for taking the start-up company to the next level. Strong focus on building the management team,

                               Fundraising, developing strategic partnerships, and providing leadership to build a strong IP portfolio.


Negotiating a global licensing agreement for our technology to facilitate international marketing of our products.

Focusing the marketing efforts to reflect product strength and technology

Orchestrated a strategy to build a strong IP portfolio

Initiated dialogue with key players for strategic alliances worldwide within 3-6 months



            President & Chief Executive Officer  (2004 – 2009)

                                    Responsible for the overall operation with complete P&L responsibility.  Focus on research and ESH projects.                            


Refocused the company’s mission expanding commercial offerings to reflect changing environment in the chemical industry.  Improved sustainability in the marketplace through this change.

Developed critical alliances to expand product lines by 100% and take advantage of market opportunities.

Improved cash flow by 50% from operations within 6 months.


PHARMX, INC. – Portland, Maine                                                                                                                   2001 – 2004

                        Developer, manufacturer and marketer of polymer and emulsion products based on alternative drug delivery technology

            President & Chief Executive Officer (2001 –2004)

Responsible for the full functional scope including marketing, finance, manufacturing and product development. Complete P&L responsibility with emphasis on improved product pricing, and implementing financial controls on various activities of the Corporation.  Raised capital from various sources in difficult economic times.


Realigned the company’s marketing and sales efforts to reflect the appropriate synergy between the product lines and the distribution channels by orienting products to the right customer base.

Re-engineered the production process to enhance profitability (25% increase in 1 year), augment quality, improve scheduling and meet customer requirements better.  

Instituted a financial control system to manage expenses in line with the current economic and business environment. Reduced cost of operation by 40% within the first six months.


RF TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION – Lewiston, Maine                                                                   1994 – 2001

Developer, manufacturer and marketer of microwave technology based devices and capital equipment for chemical, industrial  wood products and food processing

            President (1994 – 2001)

Complete P&L responsibility with emphasis on operational activities and productivity enhancements; spearheading new business development strategy to ensure long term growth and profitability.  Utilize operating data to identify and solve performance problems.


Increased shareholder value by a multiple of 20 (20X) in 6 years from near bankruptcy.

Introduced world’s first continuous wood products/chemicals processing system with microwave preheating.

Redirected the strategic and operational focus of the company to improve gross profits by 100% within 18 months.

Enhanced productivity four-fold in four years through streamlining operations and re-engineering.



FIRSTMARK CORPORATION – Waterville, Maine                                                                                          1989 - 1994

                                    Holding company specializing in management of multiple operations in different markets.

            Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (1989-1994)

Complete P&L responsibility of the parent company and its subsidiaries; management of new business development; development and implementation of corporate strategy for mergers and acquisitions.


Redirected strategic and operational focus of a subsidiary of this public company to improve revenue and profitability by 20% within the first six months.

A turnaround from loss in 1989 to positive earnings with improvements in all subsidiary operations within the first year.

Negotiated, concluded, and managed a multi-million dollar contract for wood products with China.



B.F. GOODRICH CHEMICAL COMPANY – Cleveland, Ohio                                                                           1979 - 1988

                                    A 3 billion dollar company with specialty chemicals (polymers & plastics) for industrial, personal care and healthcare markets

            Marketing Manager - Specialty/Fine Chemicals (1982-1988)


Improved penetration in a stagnant market segment, contributing a 40% increase in revenue over the previous year.

Initiated a business development strategy which strengthened marketing emphasis and defined  the thrust of key R&D programs, allowing for the successful entry into international markets (primary focus - Far East & Southeast Asia).


Directed a quality management program which increased productivity by 20% resulting in annual savings of $100,000.


            Product Manager - Specialty Polymers and Chemicals (1979-1982)


Improved profitability of a product line by 30% through product differentiation, market segmentation and economic value pricing.


Successfully introduced the first new product in copolymer technology in a new market increased the revenue by $100,000 within the first year of its implementation.



CLOBAR MANUFACTURING, Chemicals/Textiles Division – Cornwall, New York                            1972 – 1979

                                    Manufacturer of industrial and textile/plastic chemicals, using proprietary technology 

            Director of Sales/Technical Service (1976-1979)


Increased both revenues and profit margins by 20% by defining and executing product positioning strategies; improved service and quality.


Exceeded new business development goals by 75% through innovative product design, competitive strategies and establishing specialty niches.


            Director of Manufacturing/Commercial Development (1974-1976)


Improved profitability by 25% through product enhancements.

Instituted a $250,000 capital expenditure program, increasing productivity by 20%, saving $75,000 annually.


            Manager, Production & Control (1973-1974); Development Engineer (1972-1973)




            Cleveland State University       

MBA     (Major - Marketing and Finance)

Member, Beta Gamma Sigma - MBA honor society

            Clarkson University 

MS       (Major - Chemical Engineering)    

University Teaching Assistant

              Indian Institute of Technology    

BTech (Honors)            (Major – Chemical Engineering)

Merit Scholar